How To Promote Your Referral System So People Use It.

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A referral system has been proven in all industries to be one of the most effective ways to grow. However it takes some time and effort to get your referral system up and running and some adjusting to make it right for your audience. The return on investment can be huge with your business being promoted by others for years to come.

So how do you promote your system so people use it?…

1. The big launch.

A launch doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy but it does have to be clear. Create anticipation with a countdown. Give them a period of time to sign up for it before the launch. Then broadcast on all channels what you are doing and how it will benefit everyone involved.

2. Continual and consistent promotion.

A referral system isn’t a silver bullet that needs firing once. It needs consistent and continuous promotion until it is up and running properly. There are several ways this can be done.

3. Promote the program in email signatures.

Of course, email is an effective way to tell your audience about your program. You can also put a link in your signature so every email  is a reminder that you have the program running and they can sign up any time.

4. Social Proof.

By having the sign up page on the same page as your leader board shows you have others involved in your program. It also shows what your incentives are for sharing. Make sure you show your leader board on your web page.

5. Reminders in your social channels.

Sharing the leader board, reminders about incentives, winners can all help.

6. A Separate page on your website.

A page dedicated to your referral scheme is a great way to publicize what you are doing and also attract new people into your scheme. The leader board share page can go on your camp website so you can show people you have lots of people involved in your scheme and allows people who are interested to sign up themselves.

7. Use your CIT’s to lead the way.

Training your CIT’s to promote your camp is a great way to turn them into your ambassadors. Read our article ‘How to get your CIT’s to promote your camps’

 8. A Banner on your homepage.

Include a banner on your homepage to tell all new visitors about your referral scheme.

9. Add it to your confirmation page.

After someone enrols in your camp they are usually pleased and excited so it’s a perfect time to ask them to join your program. Include a link to allow them to sign up and tell them what the incentives are.

10. Use videos.

We created an explainer video to help broadcast your referral program. You can see it here:

The bottom line is that you will need to promote your referral program if you want it to be a success. Referral programs can bring big wins for camps big and small but you must make sure your parents and campers know about it and are told how to use it and how they will benefit.

Continual and consistent promotion of your program is key to success.

Good luck!

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