Case Study: How Nebraska 4H Summer Camp Have Set Up An Enrollment Engine… Background on Nebraska 4H Summer Camp… Sean directs an ACA accredited camp which is part of a university that runs a lot of summer, after school and educational programs. They started with Camp Tree in November with the aim of getting more referrals and growing their camp. Sean knew November was a slow month […]

Referral Based Marketing – What Is It And How Can I Use It?

Referral based Marketing also known as ‘word of mouth’ is an extremely effective way to market and sell your camps. Most camps have a referral system in place like bring a friend and get 5% off. this is effective and is easy to put in place but you will be missing out on probably 5-10 […]

Interview With Victoria Long-Leather – Trailside Discovery Camp

Duncan: Okay, so welcome to another episode of Campfire stories, where we interview successful camp directors who have grown and scaled their camps. I’m joined by Victoria Long-Leather, who’s coming all the way from Anchorage. Welcome to the show, Victoria. Victoria: Thank you for having me. Duncan: Pleasure. Thank you. So tell us, where did […]