Action Based Guarantee

1.    Book a strategy session. 2.    Have you chosen your incentives and made vouchers? example 3.    Have you set up your landing page? example 4. Have you linked your share page to your landing page? (link on share page inside Camp Tree) 5.    Check the terms and conditions in Camp Tree. 6.    Have you installed code on your […]

Terms & Conditions

Summary Ambassador (You) Rewards for referrals will only be applied when your friend have confirmed/paid registrations with our Camp. The new referral must confirm (while registering) who referred them. Referred families (your friend) The referral must be somebody whose family has never attended camp before If a Discount offered then it can be applied to […]

What Incentives Should You Offer?

Incentives are a nice way of showing your families you appreciate them referring their friends. There is research to show that it’s more about showing appreciation than the actual incentive and some camps just give a simple thank you as the reward. Most camps choose a monetary incentive like 5% discount or 200$ for each […]

How To Fill Your Camp In 1 Day!

Interview with Katie Harrison DR: Hello and welcome to another episode of campfire stories where we interview successful camp directors and consultants who share how they’ve launched and grown their camps. Very exciting today, I’m joined by Katie Harrison who’s the director and founder of Echopond summer camps based in Newfoundland. Hello and welcome Katie.  KH:Oh! Thank you […]

How To Get Your Campers To Share Your Photos And Videos

You have run an awesome camp. You have some amazing photos of your kids doing some great things. Of course you share the photos with parents and kids but how do you then get them to share them with their network? If they share, then your camp is being marketed by your biggest fans, with […]

How To Promote Your Referral System So People Use It.

A referral system has been proven in all industries to be one of the most effective ways to grow. However it takes some time and effort to get your referral system up and running and some adjusting to make it right for your audience. The return on investment can be huge with your business being […]