How To Get Your Campers To Share Your Photos And Videos

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You have run an awesome camp. You have some amazing photos of your kids doing some great things. Of course you share the photos with parents and kids but how do you then get them to share them with their network?

If they share, then your camp is being marketed by your biggest fans, with your perfect audience. It’s the easiest and most effective form of advertising. Your camp fills without you doing anything!

But what if they don’t?

Well then its back to attending events, running Facebook ads and relying on agents to fill your camp.

And what if your camp isn’t full next year? How much revenue would that mean you are missing out on?

So how can we make sure your photos are being shared?

Well fortunately there is a formula…

You need to go viral. What does that mean? I’m sure you have all seen post that are shared by others with thousands of likes and shares. They have created a recipe which others love and are willing to share with their friends.

The beauty of going viral is that no ads are needed for you to increase your brand awareness so it’s incredibly cost effective if done right.

So how do we do it right?

Ok so there are several variables to get right like your audience size, the appeal of your offers (bribes), time frame, how you launch the campaign, but if done right then you can sit back and watch your brand grow effortlessly.

Going viral might seem like magic that only happens to others but fortunately if you follow these steps you can make your own campaigns go viral.

Answer the question.

‘What’s in it for me?’. Why would your audience share your photos? What do they gain?

The most important is that they feel good in sharing. If they have had a good experience and they agree with your values and spirit they will love to share your photos

Sharing great images of your campers doing unusual or gnarly things, close ups of faces, funny moments. Everyone loves to share things which make themselves look good, funny or extreme.

Employ a dedicated camera person on your camp who takes crisp sharp images of your campers in all sorts of situations. These photos are much more likely to be shard than an iPhone photo taken from far away.

Incentivise sharing 

Make offers specific to who you want to share. Parents are interested in discounts or free places, kids are interested in merchandise or experiences like paragliding or wake boarding.

For example if 50 people click a unique URL shared by someone they get a prize. If they then register on the camp they get a bigger one and then if they pay they get an even bigger one.

Rewards can be set up so they happen each month. A monthly leaderboard with a prize for the person who shares the most can keep motivation high all year.

Automate reminders

When people reach milestones have your email work on autopilot by sending out an email telling them about a prize they have won and what they will receive next time they get to the milestone.

At the end of the month send an email to everyone on you list showing who has won the month. This acts also as a reminder to continue sharing.

Make it easy

Help out your promoters by making pre-populated messages to go on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, so all they have to do it press a button and share it on their network.

And thats it.

Get this right and your camp fills up with minimal effort, time and money.

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