How To Put In Place A Marketing Strategy To Maximise Camper Numbers With Travis Allison

Transcript Duncan (00:14): Hello and welcome to this interview with Travis Allison and myself, Duncan Robinson. For those who don’t know, Travis is an award-winning summer camp marketing expert and consults with a lot of camps, mainly in the States and Canada. We’re going to be focusing mainly on the importance of having a marketing […]

How and why you should be using video in your marketing with Mike Perlow @ Perlow Productions

In this interview you will find out “How and why you should be using video in your marketing to save time and money AND increase enrolments.” So if you want to get more kids to camp, save time nurturing interest into enrolments, and increase camper numbers then one is for you. Full Transcript Duncan Robinson […]

Why Having A Full Bodied Marketing Strategy Is Crucial To Fill Your Camp – With Cheryl Goldstein

In this interview you will learn: The importance of a full bodied marketing strategy to maximise camper enrolments  How you can start putting together you plan and strategy. What Cheryl is advising her clients on how to deal with Covid. Full Transcript Duncan (00:05): Hello and welcome to this interview with Sheryl Goldstein and myself […]

How Building Lasting Relationships Is The Key To Running A Successful Camp – Cole Kelly

Cole is the Director of Camp Weequahic in Wayne country in Pennsylvania. He has a huge amount of experience in the industry and joined me to talk about the importance of building long lasting relationships with families, staff and campers. In this interview you will learn:- How to create and develop your values at camp […]

Interview with Mark P Fisher @ Inspiring Growth. Leadership, storytelling and Inspiration.

In this interview find out about:- How guest groups can significantly increase revenue for camps. How storytelling is a key skill in your marketing efforts and how you can improve it. How mark has systematically improved revenue in several of the camps he has worked with. How he is now building an accelerator to widen […]

How ‘Word Of Mouth’ Can Save You Time And Effort And Fill Your Camp Faster

With Travis Allison and Duncan Robinson Learn: Why ‘WOM’ is so important for Summer Camps How you can get more referrals Learn where to find more resources about summer camps. Here are several easy to implement methods we have used to take a camp from break even, to close to 7 figures in profit in […]

Interview with Victoria Long-Leather – Trailside Discovery Camp

Duncan: Okay, so welcome to another episode of Campfire stories, where we interview successful camp directors who have grown and scaled their camps. I’m joined by Victoria Long-Leather, who’s coming all the way from Anchorage. Welcome to the show, Victoria. Victoria: Thank you for having me. Duncan: Pleasure. Thank you. So tell us, where did […]

Interview with Camp Coach – H Rothenburg

<br /> Duncan Robinson: OK. So welcome to another episode of campfire stories where we interview camp directors and consultants who have launched, grown and scaled the camps. This is Duncan Robinson. I’m coming at you from Switzerland. And we’ve got a great guest on the show today. It’s H. Rothenberg who runs Camp Coach. […]

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