February 2, 2020

Action based Guarantee

1.    Book a strategy session.

2.    Have you chosen your incentives and made vouchers? example

3.    Have you set up your landing page? example

4. Have you linked your share page to your landing page? (link on share page inside Camp Tree)

5.    Check the terms and conditions in Camp Tree.

6.    Have you installed code on your homepage?

7. Have you added a box on your registration page so you can collect the link to award the discount. example

8.    Have you emailed your database to let them know about your program? 

9.    Have you uploaded your database into Camp Tree?

Communication and Promotion

10.    Share on Facebook – use link to your share page so more families can join.

11. Link your homepage to your referral scheme example

12.  Have you added the link to email signatures?

13. Link referral page to when families have signed up.