How Referable Is Your Camp REALLY?

Take the test and find out how much you know about ‘Word Of Mouth’ Marketing and how referable your camp really is.

What does the test involve?

Answer 15 questions for you to assess your WOM knowledge and find out if your camp is referable.    

Why should you do it?

I’m sure you know ‘Word Of Mouth’ is the best way to get more families to your camp.

Most camps think they are ‘doing’ referral marketing by offering a ‘bring a friend’ incentive and leaving the rest to chance. If this is all you are doing you are just dipping your toe in an ocean of potential that referral marketing offers and you are missing out… big time!

Take the quiz and find out if you are doing everything you can to maximise referrals.

Answer openly and honestly to receive the most accurate result and advice on how you can improve.

As a thanks for completing the quiz we will send you our word of mouth blueprint which has helped hundreds of camps get more referrals.

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