Referral based Marketing – What is it and how can I use it?

Referral based Marketing also known as ‘word of mouth’ is an extremely effective way to market and sell your camps. Most camps have a referral system in place like bring a friend and get 5% off. this is effective and is easy to put in place but you will be missing out on probably 5-10 […]

5 mistakes camps are making with their ‘bring a friend’ scheme and how to avoid them.

The idea is that your happy customers want to spread the word about what you do and in return receive rewards for doing so. Most camps call this a ‘bring a friend’ or ‘referral program’. When done properly this could be the only channel you need to fill your camp. But most camps are only […]

How to get your C.I.T’s to promote your camp… So you don’t have to.

85% of camps run a CIT program but very few camps ask their CIT’s to help with promotion. Your CIT’s can be your best ambassadors, so how do you get them to promote what you do? How we run our CIT program… All our C.I.T’s have to apply for a position on our camp. They […]

How a camp spends nothing on marketing and are full from January!

Last year we were running Facebook ads costing us 15,000 CHF and I thought there must be a better way to reach our target market and sell our camps. Don’t get me wrong our ads were effective, they were bringing us enormous amounts of traffic and visibility but it wasn’t converting well.   Until we […]

How to use chat bots to drive sales, save time and increase enrolments – with Tanay Mishra –

Chat bots are revolutionising the way we market and sell to our customers. Tanay Mishra from The Automation Guys shares with us the power of messenger marketing and how to use it to increase enrollments in your camps. You can see the full interview here  Tanay shows us… How to use Chat bots to work alongside […]

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