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Set up checklist

27 January 2019

Final Checklist for your Referral Scheme.

Technical set up.

1.    Have you defined your goals and plan? example.

2.    Have you chosen your incentives and made vouchers?example

3.    Have you set up your referral page? example

4.    Have you defined your terms and conditions? example

5.    Have you installed code on your website?

6.    Have you emailed your database to let them know about your program? example

7.    Have you uploaded your database into Camp Tree?

8.  Have you added a box on your registration page so you can collect the link to award the discount. example

User Experience

1.    The visual and messaging you are using to communicate your program. Is it clear? Are your offers compelling and relevant?

2.    Have you set up messages the referrers can send? In email, facebook, etc.

For example…

Hi, We love this camp and we highly recommend it! If you decide to go next year you can use this code and we both receive a 10 % Discount.


Communication and Promotion

1.    Are you using several channels to communicate your program? Email, Facebook, Linkedin

2.    Is the messaging clear and consistent?

3.    Is your program discoverable?

·     Have you added it to email signatures?

·     Link to referral page when people sign up to your camp. See example

·     Homepage?

·     Flyers/posters

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